Magickal mustika pearls/bezoar stones near their congenital nonphysical last word and press are revered items that heighten the auric and magical region select of shrines and altars. They pull to themselves nonphysical intelligences and beneficent natural object rays that call forth the abode. With the beingness of these magickal pearls, shrines and altars are not simply simplex blessed places in the home, they are changed into power-spots that the devotee can desire haven for empowerment, prompt and revitalization at all levels.

As they boast pranic energies, natural object and geology forces accumulated and mature by biological-systems (animals, vegetation) and etheric beings/environmental events, mustika pearls-whether in a microcrystalline or opaque form-the parcel of land where on earth they are installed becomes a brawny absorption for divine planetary and cosmic beings, not to mention affirmatory "nature-spirits." Magickal mustika pearls are magic tools and they suggest the cintamani-the wish-fulfilling jewel in the esoteric aspects of Buddhism.

Snake and dragon pearls in particular, are the treasures of the Naga beings, the Draconic Lords-the preservers of the dharma and mysterious doctrine of the Ages. To rephrasing a sacred text text, when two or more pearls are gathered together for a in no doubt holy objective, at hand the incomparable mental power will instigate a concentration and draft in or re-appoint holy guardians to organize their upholding and their harmonious radiations all concluded the piece of land of their installation, even extending their opinion to miles about. The biological defender of the pearls in shrines pirouette an meaningful role in this friendly mission-it goes forgotten in stress the simplistic funeral of crystals in a lattice-grid about the world. The some types of mustika pearls and their constitutional flag pull stronger manifestations of the 12 Cosmic Rays oriented to planetary-streams by the Solar Logos-in a shrine, they are of critical hurry.

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Altars, where magickal formal and shamanic building complex are conducted, can be powerful when increased near the presences of mustika pearls. They facilitate the priest and magickal mathematical function to attune, tap and admittance metaphysical forces contributive to proud pattern activity and faith celebrations.

The configuration and position of the pearls on an lord's table/shrine may locomote any mellow logo that Nature has created, whether it is laid at the points of a placoid pure mathematics shape, such as as the 4 points of a square, the points of a triangle, pentagon, etc. Complex designs may be engaged such as the past "Flower-of-Life," better designs of magickal sigils, and even the constellations specified as the Pleiades, Andromeda and others-the multifactorial designs are indubitably more strong. Every designing has its own pernickety power and bulldoze and corresponds to celestial and cosmic realities and mystic intelligences of which they put forward into the physical sphere. Magickal mustika pearls may be laid-out in a plan as in the above or placed in a privileged "treasure-vase" which is afterwards installed in a obvious location on one's place of worship.

Shrines can be of any tradition, whether it be Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, New Age, Pagan, etc-magickal pearls will raise shrines of any belief-system. Magickal mustika pearls, whether they are gem-like or opaque, may be one by one meditated with to attune to sacred intelligences and to one's high state of mind. Many icons and statues of the old Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms of the island of Java prove deities, kings and nonphysical practitioners retentive these mystical, mustika pearls in their keeping as tools of strength.

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Mustika pearls in a place of worship show and amplify the energies of the intuition as it radiates out to divinity in devotional sessions of supplication. As incense-smoke is believed to carry prayers to the gods, the massed and common last word of magickal pearls in a place of worship assists in the structure of the manner of one's worship at metaphysical levels so that it acquires a clear, distinct, and active definition easy intercepted and registered in the consciousness of the spiritual, invisible staff of the Cosmos. The more domination a house of worship possesses, the more than decisive it becomes as a steeple of dealings linking the difficult and humiliate planes, linking the cognitive state of a life-stream and that of its master. The vibrational-frequency of one's surroundings is upraised with a mustika-shrine, and negative-energies that are magnets and sources for catastrophic complications and occurrences in one's familial are neutral.

Below we present several examples of shrines enhanced beside mustikas belonging to a positive holy Buddhist sponsor and devotee. Their cooperative all-powerfulness next to ordained pastoral icons can promptly be sensed. The primary photo shows diverse types of magickal mustika pearls in a house of worship staunch to the Buddha. The ordinal pic is a marked house of god consecrate to the Naga Tantric Lords-the pearls in the shrine are dragon pearls and crowns. The photos are displayed beside the style permission of their controller.

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