"This breed of animal I had ne'er seen, not even on the doctrine human forms on planet SSARG; or for that business on Toso, or Moiromma, and for certain not earth. They had panthera leo like claws, and they affected quickly, same leopards, or cats, sentiment pointed. There essential had been two for every man, female and nestling in the campy area, I detected they were guarding them, especially the children; once not doing that, I noticed they dragged a few defunct bodies out to the laxation field open-air the camp, they ate them and what they didn't eat, they burned, or hidden. I acknowledged they were unmoving from preceding battles-the antagonist that is; I didn't pay all that such curiosity to it: I did detected on the other hand they were injured bodies. As they [they being: the Saneyhs] walked by me they hissed at me: looking, always looking, I also perceived they may have fabric I was in that to regenerate them, for it seemed, they made a despairing struggle to their poet once they initial saw me, unless that is how they were naturally, and circumstance would narrate me it was not so, that it was me indeed.

The monarch arranged his glaring view on his two pet dogs, or Saneyhs, and they seemed to get the message I was not a threat-not yet! They acted like-minded nowhere to be found souls, not as brash as I had firstborn notional them. They ready-made no endeavor to impair me, and remained at their posts and were unbelievably obedient.

As time period sunk in more, the fair-haired sky reversed the day into a velvety hue late afternoon as I sat by the open fireplace."

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Velvet Twilight
[Over Planet Cirumia in the Black Galaxy]

Velvet end of the day brutal done the planet

Franticly termination the grey slopes:

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With yellowish-brown, purples hues

Shirking the pale down-nearby.

Strange constellations rosaceous ablaze:

Stars veiled concluded the far moon,

As it rosaceous ended the consecrated valley

And its thoughtful monochrome mounds...

The icy air: make a smooth sky:

Stiff, extensive: next to gritted persuasion.

Its lightproof broad, natural, eventide lights

Flooded the solid ground beside surrealistic sights.

The mad planet, now excruciatingly calm

Endured twilight, as it came in spasms-;

Then Climbing above, Cirumia's belly:

It tightened its girdle-for tousled first.

#1377 [7/2/2006] For SSARG III/Chapter #8; textual at EP Café

"As I ordered the dark distant on quite a few furs by the skirting fire, in frontal of the pothole of the king's, the Leopard mans abode, about me, unnatural the opinion were of the beasts, as they searched every inch of the night's camp; the beasts yapping away, quietly, as the glint forest fire made its noise sounds, and its blaze displayed its flag of blue, red and orange, a tone of yellow, warm my blood in my body, saturated to the marrow of my bones, and lit up my face, toughness and thighs now could long out beside no stress of infectious a cold wind, it fabric goodish. If ever a bushfire was appreciated, it was this evening.

"I lay partly nude backwards, for the fur did not overlay me completely, and I seemed to be daydreaming, drifting off, reasoning give or take a few ancestors, Moiromma, my health, and the snarling dogs..."

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